Created by a Pharmacist for Pharmacists

OPUS Medication Systems were created by a pharmacist for pharmacists, giving you the flexibility to match your delivery to your customers’ needs. Choose from 7, 14 and 31-day single-dose and multi-dose systems, all available under one brand.


Strategies to Better Your Bottom Line

Care facilities are requiring a med pass delivery system that offers greater efficiency, accuracy, and short-cycle solutions.  They're finding it at pharmacies that offer OPUS Medication Systems.  Care facilities find the OPUS cassette systems and medication carts help assure that staff will administer the right med at the right time to the right person.


No More Lost Orders

Are you tired of managing errors in the reorder process? The OPUS system uses automatic reordering, so both you and your customers will benefit. Knowing when reorders will happen allows you to efficiently manage your staff and accomplish all tasks in a timely manner.


Less Waste

OPUS Cassettes are re-useable.  You don't need to waste labor by applying new labels each time you refill orders.  Cassettes have removable liners to avoid cross-contamination when you switch a med.  Simply put a new liner into your cassette and start fresh.


Gain a Competitive Edge

Differentiate your pharmacy from your competition.  Care facilities love the accuracy, ease of administration and efficiency that the OPUS system provides.  By offering OPUS, you are bringing customers a unique approach to improve resident care and you are setting yourself apart from your competion.

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