OPUS Medication Systems helps you strengthen existing customer relationships and create new ones by offering products and services that differentiate your pharmacy in today's marketplace. Not only is the ease, accuracy and efficiency of the OPUS system a sure selling point, its characteristics can also increase your pharmacy's working capital and reduce labor.

In addition to solidifying your base business, our system consultants can also help you gain new long-term care customers. At this very moment, care facilities across the country are looking for quality local pharmacy providers. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Find out how RX Care Assurance, powered by OPUS, can help connect you with these facilities and fuel your growth.

When you decide to offer OPUS products to your customers, you're not left on your own. You become an integral part of a team that is dedicated to error control and efficiency both at the home and the pharmacy. We offer the ongoing support you need to help you provide more to your customers:

  • fine-tuning your internal pharmacy operations
  • networking with other pharmacies
  • briefing you on continuous improvement initiatives

As an OPUS partner, your ability to provide facilities with improved efficiency and error control gives you a great competitive advantage. OPUS Medication Systems will improve workforce management and reduce labor. Maintaining the OPUS system requires less labor than conventional systems. And, the new OPUS EZ Fillers™ can help reduce fill time by over 90 percent.

If you’re new to OPUS Medication Systems, it's time to find out how we can help you build your business.

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