Whether you want to completely outsource your sales and marketing, or augment your current efforts with our experienced staff and processes, Rx Care Assurance has the resources, expertise, experience, and products to drive care facility business to your pharmacy  Our expertise is derived from over 35 years of experience in the industry with roots in pharmacy and care facility operations.


Rx Care Assurance marketing professionals visit care facilities across the country on a daily basis; building relationships and keeping abreast of their day-to-day pharmacy service challenges.  We work with independent care facilities as well as corporate chains in your area.


Joining the Rx Care Assurance network gives you the ability to pursue growth opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable to you. There are care facilities in your service area that are owned or operated by corporate entities that demand coverage areas requiring multiple pharmacy locations. The Rx Care Assurance network of pharmacy partners provides a solution that allows you to service the local facilities in your area while other pharmacy partners service the locations out of your reach.

Rx Care Assurance pharmacy partners provide the benefits and security of local pharmacy services with the advantages of a truly viable regional and national presence.


How Can I Become an Rx Care Assurance Network Member?

Contact Us!   We are always looking for Quality, full-service long-term care pharmacy providers that offer a variety of systems to participate in the Rx Care Assurance National Partner Network.


What Systems Will I Need to Offer to Join the Rx Care Assurance Network?

We look for providers that offer a variety of systems in order to meet the needs of care facilities we assist across the nation.  These include Punch Cards, OPUS, Pouch Systems and Strip Pack to name a few.


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Discover the totally new way to ensure superior pharmacy services for your facility and start enhancing the level of care you’re providing to your residents.

 About OPUS

Find out more about OPUS Medication Systems. Learn more…

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