Rx Care Asssurance has been providing Short Cycle Dispensing Solutions for over 35 years. The OPUS Medication System is valued by both facilities and pharmacies for the many effiencies it provides.

 7 day/ 14 day regular dose

An Accurate, Efficient, Labor-Saving Approach to Medication Delivery


Accuracy starts with the OPUS color-coded cassette.  Easy-to-handle cassettes are divided into multiple, sealed airtight compartments.  The tamper-evident cassettes are color-coded for time of administration and labeled according to dosing schedules and day of the week for increased accuracy.  OPUS is the only med pass system with eight visual or audible safety checks built right in.  It's innovative design allows you to immediately determine if a medication has been missed or tampered with.


Reordering is done automatically on a pre-arranged cycle, eliminating time spent on faxing paperwork and communicating routine orders.  Cassettes are re-useable.  No re-printing labels each time the pharmacy refills orders for routine meds.

Labor Savings

Each cassette is personalized, color-coded and segmented by dosing schedule, eliminating time-consuming organizational challenges or difficult-to-open packages.  The OPUS system minimizes effort and stress on the care facility staff.  In fact, the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes a critical design features; the airtight cassette is easier to manage than foil packets because it doesn't take strong finger force or a sharp object to release the pill.

Less Waste

With other med pass systems, waste is unavoidable. If a resident’s prescriptions change or are discontinued, those pills may be wasted. And the pills have already been paid for. With the OPUS system, pills can be packaged in a 7- or 14-day cassette, reducing waste by 50-75%.  These systems are the simplest, most effective, short-cycle solution.

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