How can I become an Rx Care Assurance network member?
You must be a full-service long-term care pharmacy provider with verifiable references to participate in the Rx Care Assurance partner network. During our initial meeting, we’ll review your capabilities and tour your pharmacy

How will my pharmacy be selected to attend a meeting with a care facility?
Rx Care Assurance will perform a comprehensive needs assessment of facilities. We will then compare those needs with the profiles of Rx Care Assurance network pharmacies in the area. Rx Care Assurance identifies member pharmacies whose services most closely align with the needs of the care facility. We’ll review pharmacy options with the care facility and provide additional information as requested. The care facility selects the pharmacies to meet with and then Rx Care Assurance coordinates the meetings. The pharmacy, care facility decision makers and Rx Care Assurance attend the meeting.

Do I need to offer one of the OPUS Medication Systems to join the Rx Care Assurance network?
No, Rx Care Assurance is a system-agnostic business consulting approach that identifies the optimal pharmacy services for care facilities and then brings them together with the Rx Care Assurance network member pharmacy best positioned to serve each facility. Rx Care Assurance will discuss all aspects of the facility’s pharmacy services, including med-pass systems, with the facility during the initial meeting. The system of choice indicated by the care facility will be noted and will be used to match the facility with Rx Care Assurance member pharmacy in the area. The facility determines if they want to stay with their current system or explore switching to a new system

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How can Rx Care Assurance help me with evaluating and selecting a new pharmacy?
We have developed a comprehensive process to help you identify your needs, compare those needs to the profiles of pharmacies in your area and then select the providers that most closely match your requirements. We’ll manage all the details, set up all the meetings and partner with you every step of the way. You’re in control, but are relieved of all the time-consuming tasks that take you away from serving your residents.

We’ve changed pharmacies before, only to discover they didn’t deliver the level of service we needed, how does Rx Care Assurance keep this from happening?
To remain in the Rx Care Assurance network, our member pharmacies must adhere to a rigorous quality assurance program. The program helps assure ongoing satisfaction with your pharmacy that translates into enhanced levels of care for your residents. The program begins immediately and includes continuous checkpoints with your facilities, ongoing face-to-face meetings and satisfaction surveys. The results of all these contacts will be reported to the pharmacy and, if necessary, Rx Care Assurance will work with your pharmacy to ensure that appropriate action is taken to maintain your satisfaction. Our goal is to provide the best pharmacy match possible for your facility and then ensure your pharmacy continually meets your expectations.

Does Rx Care Assurance charge a fee to the care facility for its services?
There are no fees charged to the care facility for the selection of a pharmacy partner or the ongoing quality assurance program.

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